In the last couple of posts I have talked about the damage that tree roots can do to your sewer and stormwater pipes and what can be done to prevent this from becoming a problem for you, but what if it’s too late? What if the tree roots are already in your pipes?

Thankfully nowadays, tree roots in pipes needn’t be such a massive job to fix. Pipe re-lining repairs can be done through existing inspection openings and drain grates whereby a new pipe can be ‘glued’ to the inside of your existing pipes, meaning that there’s no need to be running excavators and bulldozers all over your prized pansies! This method of repair really comes into its own when the broken pipe is under your shed floor, or even worse, your bathroom.

Re-lining repairs are made of an epoxy & fabric liner that is carefully positioned in the broken section of pipe and makes a new pipe inside of the old one, it uses the same principles as the magic that surgeons carry out when they put a stent in an artery, obviously the equipment that we use is a little bit more heavy duty and probably not as sterile!

Pipe relining is not just a fix for tree root damaged pipes, but for any kind of break or leak in a sewer or storm water pipe, it is also a permanent repair, the epoxy liners used have a life expectancy of over 100 years.

Relining can be performed on pipes ranging from 40 to 1000mm in diameter with minimal disruption to a home, business, driveway or garden.


Pipe reliningThe cause of the problem is identified and the pipe is jet washed until the pipe is cleanOnce the pipe clean, the liner is pulled carefully into place and inflated to a precise pressure to ensure a good bond to the original ‘host’ pipe.The epoxy resins cure time is calculated dependent on temperature, and the liner is held under pressure until the resins have ‘set’Once the resins have hardened the air pressure is released and the inner-tube is removedA ‘Post Lining’ drain-cam inspection is carried out to ensure that the line has bonded correctly.The pipe is permanently repaired and functions as new.



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