It’s getting to that time of year again, the humidity is on the rise and the midges are starting to bite, that can only mean one thing… Storm Season is on its wayGutter Leaves.

The trees have had a long dry season and have shed a lot of leaves, and a lot of these are going to have ended up in your gutters and stormwater pipes. As always, prevention is better than cure, and now is the pefect time to be checking your gutters and stormwater pipes to make sure that you’re not going to get wet when the rains come.

Your guttering should be cleared of all leaves and debris, you can do this with a garden leaf blower when the gutters are dry, just make sure that you take any laundry off of the line first as it will be a dusty job!
After you have cleaned the guttering it is a good idea to run a hose pipe down each of the downpipes and make sure that the water is running away as it should, usually these pipes will run underground and spill out at the kerb at the edge of the road, or into your rain water tank if you have one.

If the water is not making it through to the other end, or the guttering starts to fill up then overflowing gutteryou may have a blockage in the pipes. The best thing to try is pushing the hose into the pipe as far as you can from each end to try and free up the blockage, if this doesn’t work then it’s time to call a professional with a high pressure water jetting machine. These machines are like a Gerni on steroids,  the hose creeps along the drain and blasts out any leaves and debris and even tree roots to make sure that the water can get away unrestricted. Getting this job done now will ensure that any minor problems can be fixed before they become a big issue and you’re not going to have water overflowing into your roof space in the middle of the night.

falling off ladderCleaning out your guttering does involve climbing a ladder so it is best to have a helper to ‘foot the ladder’ for you and I would never recommend climbing onto the roof without the correct safety gear.
If you need any help with cleaning your guttering and downpipes, or any other storm water, sewer or septic issues be sure to give

water damage from leaking guttering

water damage from leaking guttering

us a call on 4153 6229. Our expert plumbers Bundaberg will get you back instantly.

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