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Pooh in storm water pipe Nuflow Wide Bay were involved today in a daring rescue operation. A local storm water drain was blocked by a Pooh.Usually Pooh’s are exclusive to sewer pipes, but today was different! “The minute I saw it, I knew it was out of place.”Says drainer Sam Foss, “Not in my
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It’s getting to that time of year again, the humidity is on the rise and the midges are starting to bite, that can only mean one thing… Storm Season is on its way. The trees have had a long dry season and have shed a lot of leaves, and a
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In the last couple of posts I have talked about the damage that tree roots can do to your sewer and stormwater pipes and what can be done to prevent this from becoming a problem for you, but what if it’s too late? What if the tree roots are already in your
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Tree roots are the most common cause of all blocked pipes and sewer drains, approximately 75% of all of the blocked drains that we clear are caused by tree roots. It only takes a small ‘hair’ root to get in through one of the joints in the pipe and when
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Living with a septic system really isn’t anything to be afraid of, follow these simple tips to ensure your system stays healthy for many years to come. A little maintenance now and again will do wonders for the efficiency of the system. 1.Conserve water. Your septic system can only handle