Septic Tank
With a little bit of maintenance, you can keep your septic tank in good shape for years to come—and avoid expensive repairs. You wouldn’t skip servicing on an expensive car, and neither should you ignore the maintenance of your septic system. Replacing a septic system that has failed can cost
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What is the quickest and easiest way to clear a blocked toilet without a plunger? Fortunately, the answer is simple and you probably already have just the right tool to clear a blocked toilet in right there in your cleaning cupboard. There are plenty of methods of how to clear a
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Workers from drainage company Nuflow WideBay were first on the scene to a disturbing incident today. They were faced with this harrowing situation, where they found a car wedged in a sewer drain, causing a major blockage upstream and lengthy delays to the escaping water and sewage. The blue Mini Cooper had obviously taken
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When we first met Mike he was a pimply faced teenager working as a sausage tosser in a local food outlet and was tired of the monotony of the kitchen,  Nuflow gave him a start a couple of years ago and he has taken his food handling skills and brilliantly transferred them to “second hand
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Nuflow’s Pipe Relining techniques have minimal impact on the environment The traditional method of excavate and replace has multiple effects on the surrounding area. The use of heavy construction equipment results in a higher noise level in the vicinity of the work area. An enhanced installation process helps Nuflow reduce waste, and means they need less equipment on