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About Us

Why does Nuflow Wide Bay exist?

In a world where finding reliable tradesmen seems to be getting harder and harder, Nuflow exists to make life simple.

By adopting the latest technologies Nuflow takes the pain out of blocked drains not only for our clients but also our staff too.

The future of the plumbing industry and construction as a whole is changing fast.

Nuflow is at the head of the game when it comes to challenging the status-quo and making the impossible possible.

With disruption running rife across all trades and industries, Nuflow stays at the cutting edge of current trenchless technology to ensure that there is a minimum of disruption for our clients or any tenants.

Product and service innovators

Nuflow Wide Bay is a leader in the drain and pipe maintenance sector, our highly driven and motivated team thrive on a challenge and this leads to the development of innovative solutions, advanced products, and cutting-edge customer service.

We go above and beyond customer expectations by giving them clarity, confidence, simple solutions and quality products… All delivered with a smile!

Nuflow bring simplicity to solution

Nuflow’s reputation for their ability to fix what others can’t takes the guesswork out of choosing plumbing contractor in Bundaberg that you can trust to get the job done. Our commitment to quality delivers a long-term solution at an affordable price backed up by a dependable warranty.

Nuflow Australia, a unified team of experts

Our reputation is our greatest asset and we build that by working as a team.

Being part of a national network of Australia’s most skilled Bundaberg plumbers and relining technicians has its benefits. We frequently collaborate with other pipe relining experts and have the ability to adapt our systems to solve any problem in any pipe without destroying everything else that happens to be in the vicinity.

Why would I choose Nuflow?

We’re here because we care. We care about the needs of our customers, we care about the welfare of our staff and we care about the environment.

Our cutting-edge capabilities bring clarity and simplicity to the lives of our customers, delivering simple solutions that will last, with an ultimate peace of mind guarantee, all without running excavators and machinery and destroying your landscape.

Our technicians clearly explain any problems, and provide cost-effective solutions, backed up with a video inspection of the completed work so that our customer can see that the job has been completed to our unscrupulously high standards.

Our customers trust Nuflow, their confidence in knowing that we are the leaders in our field, being proactive in our thinking and our investment in best practice procedures across all aspects of our business, it leaves our customers in no doubt who to call, or to recommend to their friends.

Broken pipes are never a pleasant experience, but our clients know that when they need us we’ll be there to help.
Our ability to produce a custom Bundaberg plumbing solution for any job whether it be big, small, or out of the ordinary, will make the repair process simple and stress-free.

Our national network of highly skilled experts in pipe relining meet regularly to ensure that we make the best possible use out of our over 100 years collective experience in No-Dig pipe repairs, so our clients know whatever their issue may be, their local team at Nuflow Wide Bay are a team that they can trust.

Drainage Problems?

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Lightning Fast Service & Ultra Low Prices!

Experience matters because Drainage systems can be complex. When you have a blocked drain, it’s best to call someone who has experience specifically diagnosing and solving such problems, rather than a company that cleans drains to supplement other work.

We have always been specialised specifically in sewer, stormwater and septic drainage systems for over 20 years. Drains are what we do, so you can rest assured you’ll get the best possible service when you call us for help with your blocked drain issues.

Locally Owned And Operated

Nuflow Wide Bay is a locally owned and operated business, and are part of the Nuflow Group specialising in all aspects of the drainage industry. Because we do not take on general plumbing works and focus only on drains and drainage systems, we are streets ahead of the rest when it comes to diagnosing and fixing all existing or potential drainage issues, from simply a blocked basin to full trenchless repair of a trunk sewer main Nuflow Wide Bay can help.

Customer Service Like None Other

We pride ourselves on our punctuality, knowledge and politeness. We know that when you have a blocked sink or toilet it’s an emergency and you need it fixed ASAP, we endeavour to clear all blocked drains as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Looking for emergency plumbers in Bundaberg? Call now.

We typically have your drains back in working order within 4 hours of receiving the call.

Licensed And Insured

We are fully licensed and insured and have over 20 years experience in the drainage industry. We have all of the specialist tools that a drainer needs, Pipe Cameras, High pressure jetting equipment, Pipe locators, and of course the trusty old plunger!

So you know that when you call Nuflow Wide Bay you are in safe and capable hands.

Customer Service is our top priority

We employ a team of drain technicians to handle many different types of drain, sewer and plumbing problems. Our staff is large enough to ensure that we can reach your problem quickly but small enough to ensure that we can train and manage them to diagnose and solve your problem effectively.

Plumbers Serving Bundaberg Today

Covering all Bundaberg, and the surrounding areas.

When it comes to great service, great price, expertise and the latest technology, you can rely on Nuflow Wide Bay.