Drain Camera Inspection Report

Drain-cam Video: https://www.nuflowwidebay.com.au/16481

Your blocked sewer drain was cleared using high pressure water jetting and had been caused by tree roots penetrating through the cracks in the pipe as you can see in the supplied video.

The pipe is leaking through the cracks and is causing a damp area under the ground which is drawing the tree roots to the vicinity and ultimately into the pipe.
Chopping down and poisoning the offending trees would provide a ‘band-aid’ solution until another tree or shrub latches on to the free feed!
This moisture in the soil is also going to attract termites to the area, which is never good news, especially as a section of the root damaged pipe is actually under your house slab.

Fortunately your pipe can be repaired without the need to dig through your floor, by installing an epoxy based liner in the pipe to seal the crack and prevent the tree roots from ever growing back.
This is all done through your existing inspection openings and manholes and so not only do you save on the dirt, mess, dust and noise but you also save on cost too.

The relined sections of your drain are covered by an insurance backed 50-year structural product guarantee so that you can rest assured this section of pipe will be fixed permanently, and the liner will not break down, de-laminate or otherwise fail.
Before and after relining, CCTV drain camera inspections are always carried out and sent directly to your inbox, this unrivalled quality assurance is your peace of mind

You can have this complete peace of mind solution for just $2995 including GST

email us: [email protected] if you need any questions answered and to book a convenient day for these works to be carried out

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Nuflow Wide Bay