Living with a septic system really isn’t anything to be afraid of, follow these simple tips to ensure your system stays healthy for many years to come.
A little maintenance now and again will do wonders for the efficiency of the system.

1.Conserve water.Running Toilet

Your septic system can only handle so much water at a time. The tank and drain fields need time to rest, try to avoid any heavy duty laundry days and spread the load
Fix any running toilets or leaky taps. These will be costing you money on your water bills and putting extra strain on your septic system


Protect the System
Don’t drive or park on top of the rubble trench or “Drain Field’. This will compact the soil and affect how quickly the waste water can soak away. A professional contractor will be able to help you locate exactly where your drain field is, Just Ask!


Let it Breathe

Do not pave or build over the over the drain field, it needs to breathe. Plant only low growing vegetation over the drain field, grass is ideal!


If you haven’t previously eaten it don’t flush it..

…except for loo roll obviously!

Things like baby wipes and ‘Flushable’ cleaning wipes or even coffee grounds can seriously clog up the system


Avoid garbage disposals.

If you have a septic tank, don’t install a garbage disposal (insinkerator) If you already have one, use it sparingly. A garbage disposal can clog the drain field with sludge which means that the pipes will need to be jet cleaned more often

Use septic-safe products:septic safe badge

Use environmentally soaps as much as possible. For example, dish soap, hand soap and bathroom cleaning products.
Most non-bleach products nowdays are fine, if in doubt check the label for ‘septic friendly’

Service the system annually

High pressure water jetting is by far the best way to clean the drain pipes leading to and from the tank, this will drag the sludge out of the pipes and deposit it back into the septic tank, and should be done annually. A CCTV ‘Drain Cam’ inspection of the pipes should be carried out immediately after cleaning to ensure that the pipes are in a good working order

A well maintained septic should be pumped out every 3-5 years depending on usage. If your tank needs pumping more regularly than this, it would be prudent to have a professional inspect and service it.


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